Sen. Boxer Will Push Global Warming Bill in 2009

This afternoon, Senator Barbara Boxer of California said that she would be pushing a new "streamlined" global warming bill in 2009 that would encapsulate President-Elect Obama's clean energy proposals.

Senator Boxer was vague in describing the new legislation. She said it would be simpler than a similar bill that failed in the Senate earlier this year. She promised that a cap & trade market would be included in the new bill.

In addition to the new global warming legislation Boxer plans to submit next year, she is pushing for a $15 billion clean energy program that would invest in wind, solar, geothermal and other renewable energy sources. There would also be money for carbon capture development on coal power plants. Boxer says the economic benefits of new jobs, increased manufacturing and exportable technology excuses the program's cost.

Read the full story on Senator Boxer's proposals HERE.

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