Smithsonian's American History Museum Goes Green

Today marks a momentous occasion in Washington, DC. The re-opening of Smithsonian's American History Museum. After closing the museum a few years ago for renovations, it seemed the day would never come when Kermit, Dorothy's Ruby Slippers, and Hello Dolly's dress would all be in one place again.

There may have been delays and aggravation, but the day is finally here and its an exciting moment.

Adding to the excitement is the newly renovated museum's dedication to sustainability. Among the green attributes are...

  • Ultra-efficient heating and cooling systems
  • 3,800 lighting fixtures with energy efficient bulbs that will save $1.6 million annually and will reduce carbon emissions and the use of 8,000 fewer pounds of ozone-depleting refrigerants.
  • Dining services with locally grown food and recycled tableware, carpet and chairs.
Make time to see the American History Museum soon while its still shiny and new. Read about the renovations HERE.

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