NBC Poll: 89% Support Clean Energy Investment

A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released yesterday provided good news to both President Obama and environmentalists. Of those polled, 71% approve of Obama's presidential transition efforts. More importantly to environmentalists, 89% of those polled said they supported the idea of creating jobs by expanding renewable energy development and making buildings more energy efficient.

According to the AP, House Democrats and President Obama's economic team have released a draft version of the stimulus package. A review of the draft shows that policymakers have heard the American people and plan to invest heavily into new energy infrastructure and energy efficiency.

Some of the provisions in the draft include:

  • $32 billion for installation of a "Smart Grid" that is more efficient and reliable than the outdated existing grid
  • $20 billion for tax incentives for renewable energy development
  • $6 billion to "weatherize" existing modest-income homes
  • $10 billion in rail and mass transit projects
  • $13 billion to repair and make more energy-efficient public housing projects
Read more about the draft stimulus package HERE.

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