Obama's Green Inaugural

The upcoming inauguration will be the first held in the age of green living. Accordingly, steps have been taken to ensure that the environmental footprint of celebrations are kept to a minimum.

In addition to official inaugural events, several companies and organizations are hosting their own parties and balls where steps have been taken to make things eco-friendly.

Below is a list of eco-actions taken for official inauguration activities...

  • Carbon Neutral Inaugural Balls
  • Organic Menus
  • Valet Bicycle Parking
  • Invitations Printed on Recycled Paper
  • "Green Carpet" Made of Recycled Products
  • A Liaison Provided to the Presidential Inaugural Committee from the EPA to Advise on Decisions
  • Parade Floats Made of Recycled Floats of Years Past, Including a 60-foot Long, 24-foot High American Flag Float Built for Reagan's 1985 Inauguration
  • Biodegradable Food Containers
  • Utensils Made of Corn-based Plastics
  • Expanded Composting Efforts

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