Aussies Ban Light Bulbs

Yes, I have posted A LOT about fluorescent lights. They're just great. I added some to my house this past weekend and they even brought out the true color of my wall's paint. Apparently, I'm not the only one who really likes these things.

Australia has banned traditional incandescent light bulbs. By 2009 you won't be able to buy the old bulbs in that country anymore. Which is fine because fluorescent bulbs have become less expensive. They also last 5 years. Oh, and they fit right into the socket where your old bulbs went.

Why has Australia decided to make this common sense move? According to their conservative Environment Minister, banning old bulbs will reduce Australia's emissions level by 800,000 tons by 2012. It will also lower household lighting costs...66%.

I've mentioned before that California has flirted with this idea too. Why isn't every state in the US passing similar bans? Email your people, ask them why not? In the meantime, go buy some fluorescent bulbs and re-acquaint yourself with your paint colors.

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