Cheney Should Bring This Up

Vice-President Dick Cheney will be meeting with Japan's Prime Minister today. I'm sure there will be many topics of interest, including the most important topic, the war in Iraq. One topic I wish was on the table is the removal of a broken Japanese whaling vessel from a critical penguin habitat.

The ship was damaged after an explosion on board. Over 1,000 metric tons of fuel is in the ship. The captain has tried to calm concerns over oil leakage, explaining that the electricity has been returned, the ship has been inspected and they are not in need of any help. Onlookers are afraid the floating sheets of ice in that area of the sea will puncture the side of the vessal.
Here is the story. Or here too

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  1. the unbelievable thing about this is, that the Japanese don't accept a Greenpeace offer to tow them out of danger. Maybe it's useful to send Japanese officials a mail to ask them to stop this ...
    cyberaction: send them a mail