Barack Obama's Environmental Policy

Just to update the "Presidential Candidates on the Environment" section, I am pasting below Illinois Senator Barack Obama's stand on the environment below. Previously, I consulted Obama's website and didn't find any issues section, but since his official announcement this past weekend he has included one.

The section does not address a particular environmental stand, but like most candidates, it addresses the environment within the context of energy independence...

Senator Obama led a bipartisan effort to raise CAFE fuel economy standards, which have remained frozen for 20 years because of congressional gridlock. He developed an innovative approach to gradually increase CAFE standards while protecting the financial future of American automakers. The resulting Obama-Lugar-Biden bill would establish concrete targets for annual CAFE increases while giving industry the flexibility to meet those targets. The Obama-Lugar-Biden Fuel Economy Reform Act has gained the support of Senators who had never supported CAFE increases before, and the basic concept of the legislation was endorsed by President Bush in his 2007 State of the Union address.

Senator Obama introduced legislation encouraging automakers to make fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles by helping the companies shoulder the health care costs of their retirees. Domestic automakers would get health care assistance in exchange for their investing 50 percent of the savings into technology to produce more fuel-efficient vehicles.

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  1. Great to see the policy posted here... Please link to this site: http://greengolingo.blogspot.com/ to see an open letter from a mom to Barack addressing his environmental policy.