Steel Belted Mistake

Florida had really good intentions when it tossed 2 million tires into the ocean a mile offshore. The idea was to harbor an environment conducive to reef creation whereby sea creatures could would nest and eat.

Unfortunately, things have not turned out as expected and many of the tire structures have fallen apart leaving flat uninhabitable areas of lifeless sea. Now the state is working to clean up the mess. HERE (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17189132/) is the MSNBC story on the mistake.

There are successful reef building techniques that groups have used to re-establish habitat for sea creatures. In the Delaware Bay, former New York City rail cars are placed in the water and used by sealife as a foundation for reefs. Read more about it here...http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?articleID=00059C26-A3A8-1C75-9B81809EC588EF21

The EPA has this tip if you want to recycle your old tires..."You may be able to return surplus tires to either a tire retailer or a local recycling facility that accepts tires. Be sure to confirm that the facility accepts tires for recycling and check for quantity and size limitations. Some local municipalities will also periodically conduct "tire amnesty days" when any local citizen can bring a limited number of tires to a drop-off site free of charge. For more information, or if you have large numbers of scrap tires, contact your local solid waste management agency."

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