Hillary Clinton's Updated Energy Policy

About a week ago, I created this post that updated the energy platforms for various politicians running for President. At the time, I was very disappointed by Senator Clinton's platform. Let me say that I am glad she actually addresses the environmental issue of energy dependence and carbon emissions (many of her peers do not). But I expected a lot from Senator Clinton's environmental policy and was disappointed by her weak proposal.

Well, I stand corrected. Today, Senator Clinton posted a "Hillcast" that can be viewed here. The video addresses our dependence on foreign oil, the need for alternative energy research, and the challenge of global warming. This time, she goes into more depth about her plans and gives more specific details about funding.

One thing I noticed is that she would allow oil companies to avoid a "windfall tax" if they would fund alternative energy research themselves. The implication is that the tax would pay for research oil companies refuse to fund. I would like to hear a little more about that as I don't trust oil companies to fund something that might make them obsolete any more than I trust tobacco companies to fund anti-smoking campaigns. But I'm getting a little picky.

I don't want to give the impression I support Senator Clinton because I haven't made up my mind yet which candidate of either party I like most, but I'm glad she gave a fuller explanation of her energy policy.

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