2008 Candidates and the Environment UPDATE

Since THIS ENTRY there has been some activity on the websites of the announced presidential candidates for 2008. I still encourage you to go back to that original post because many of the candidates haven't changed or updated their position since that time.

But this is an issue that has been VERY popular on the blog so I'm going to update information of those candidates who have updated their websites' environmental issues areas. Again, go back to the blog to see what the other candidates are saying.

Be critical of a candidate's policies, that's your job. Just because they have an environmental or energy policy does not mean that it is the best. Also keep in mind that many candidates have not completely rolled-out their platform and views for 2008 yet.

The first entry listed Dems before Reps because of alphabetical listing, so I'll switch it to show I'm non-partisan.


  • Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore: As President, Jim Gilmore will launch a national energy independence project called American Energy Freedom, a NASA like effort to motivate and stimulate American ingenuity and technology using research and development tax incentives to help free our nation from its dependence on foreign oil within 25 years. In the meantime, Jim Gilmore will push for steady and dramatic increases in domestic energy production and an increase in the size of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Jim Gilmore also will support expanding our use of alternative fuels like ethanol, making dramatic improvements in battery technology for plug-in hybrid vehicles and the long-range development of hydrogen power for vehicles.
  • California Congressman Duncan Hunter: No mention of energy or the environment on issues page
  • Arizona Senator John McCain: John McCain believes that America's economic and environmental interests are not mutually exclusive, but rather inextricably linked. Our economic prospects depend greatly upon the sustainable use of ample and unspoiled natural resources. A clean and healthy environment is well served by a strong economy. History shows that poverty is a poor steward.

DEMOCRATS: I already posted on New York Senator Hillary Clinton's policy and Illinois Senator Barack Obama's policy but I'll put them below to stream-line this update.

  • Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack:In particular, we should move immediately to impose a cap on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and businesses, and create a market-based system of tradable credits that rewards investments in innovative clean energy technologies. At the same time, America must undertake a national push for public and private investment in clean and renewable energy sources, including wind, solar, and biofuels, and in the technologies that can make them affordable and readily available.
  • New York Senator Hillary Clinton:Ending our country's dependence on foreign oil will take real leadership. Hillary proposed a simple idea to help end the cycle of dependence: put some of the oil industry's windfall profits into a fund that would help develop practical new sources of renewable energy.
  • Illinois Senator Barack Obama: For all of our military might and economic dominance, America's Achilles heel is the oil we cannot live without. Oil fuels 96 percent of our transportation needs, and it is critical to the manufacture of millions of goods and products in this country. The interruption of even a small amount of oil for just a few days could cause economic panic and soaring prices. A serious embargo could cause untold disaster. Senator Obama has been a Senate leader in pushing for a comprehensive national energy policy and has introduced a number of bills to get us closer to the goal of energy independence. By putting aside partisan battles, he has found common ground on fuel economy standards, renewable fuels, and clean coal.

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