Recycle Your CFL Bulbs

I have addressed the benefits of florescent bulbs in this blog to exhaustion. If you still don't know the power of these perfect, money-saving, long-lasting magic lights, then you are way out of the loop.

There is a small catch in owning florescent bulbs, however. There is a trace amount of mercury stored inside each one. In the aggregate, that mercury can be very harmful if it seeps into water supplies.

Unfortunately, this has meant calling your city to find out how they want you to dispose of these bulbs. Not anymore! If you live near an Ikea store, you live near a florescent bulb recycle center.

Now Ikea is offering recycling for florescent CFL bulbs at their stores. It is in addition to their already progressive environmental policies. If you want to read more about the program and where you can drop off your bulbs, go HERE.

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