Super Tuesday Environmental Policy Round-Up

Today is a big day for anyone living in the 22 states with primaries and caucuses where they will cast a vote for the Presidential nominee of their party. After all the hype and excitement winds down, the decision you make should obviously be based on which candidate agrees with you on the issues and is best positioned to bring their ideas into fruition.

I generally try to parse out the rhetoric from actual accomplishments. Thats why I have blogged both the campaign promises of the candidates AND their records. In case the environment is an issue that is as important to you in this election as it is to me, I have listed out all the blog posts I've done on the 2008 Presidential Election below. I hope whatever information you're looking for is found in one of these posts.

Remember, one of the Green Pieces is voting green. Stay informed and don't forget to vote!

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  1. Thanks for putting this together. A candidate's stance on green issues is a top issue of mine. Until now, I was unsure of how Clinton and Obama were like/unlike each other. Seeing that they are pretty much equal on that issue leaves me to decide where my vote should go to be decided on other issues. In that regard, for me anyway, Obama wins hands down.

    Obama/Gore 08!